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Siblings Discount

When siblings of a student who already attends the school also enroll at the same time , the fees of one student will be reduced by 50% from the regular price.

Fees for Foreign Families

Fees for families with foreign citizenship with both or just one of the parents.   
Please contact us.

Sunday Elementary Class



Tuition Fee 

Entrance Fee

  • Enrollment of new applicants is set upon annual basis.

  • Method of payment may be chosen.

  • Yet refund of fee cannot be considered.

  • September to June of the following year is considered one academic year.(Enrollment during a term: Tuition fee is calculated upon monthly basis)

  • First Semester is from September to January of the following year.Second semester is from February to June.

  • The entrance fee must be paid once by each family and is valid until the student withdraws from the school.

Textbook / Maintenance Fee

  • Textbook fees and Maintenance fees are valid from September to June of the following year.  These costs must be fully paid.

After School Extend-Care

After School Extend-Care

・Pick-up Time (Normal Class finishes at 14:30)

 14:31~17:00  3300yen

Extend-Care will be undergone in English.

Other Fees

・Late Fee

 1-30 minutes late  1100yen

 31-1 hour late         3050yen

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