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1. No child is to be brought to school more than 15 minutes before class begins 9:00 school cannot be responsible for children arriving before that time.
2. No child is to be picked up more than 15 minutes after class is over 11:30(Half day children), 14:30(Full day children). School cannot be responsible for children leaving after that time. 
3. No child is to be left at school without a teacher present
4. No child who arrives noticeably ill with a rash, fever, or cold etc. will be admitted on that day.
5. In case of a medical emergency first aid will be performed by the school staff and the child’s parents or guardian will be notified as soon as possible.
6. No child shall be removed from the classroom after signing in. In case a child must leave, the sign out sheet must be signed.
7. No child shall be released to an unauthorized person at any time
8.  No personal toys are to be brought to class except on days designated by the teachers. 
9. Any child taking medication will have their parents fill out a form containing the proper information.
10. Horse playing, running, and bullying will not be tolerated
11. All students should bring one extra change of clothes, and a pair of shoes to be worn indoors.
12. Snacks and drinks will be provided by KIS except on special occasions.
13. Parents and students will be notified in advance of Field Trips and special occasions. Parents will be asked to assist in some of these activities.
14. Parents who would like to have a meeting with teachers other than the assigned dates need to make an appointment in advance.
15. In the event of severe weather parents are to contact school 045-841-3928 after 7:00AM to receive instructions whether the school will be canceled that day or not.
16. Earthquake and Fire drills will be conducted on a monthly basis.
17. Any message from parents to school will be informed in writing.
18. These regulations are for the protection of the students, parents, and teachers.

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