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Baby and Mother Class
(Mother and baby; Age 0-2)

This class is for mothers and their babies.
Babies ages are 0 years old to 2 years old.
The class is teaching how to talk to babies in English and enjoy the play, sing songs, read books with babies.
The babies can be moved up to Regular Class or Saturday Class when they turned to 2 years old.
  • Tuesdays: 14:30~15:30  
  • Saturdays: 14:00~15:00
Time Schedule
  • First 30 minutes (Play with Babies):  
    Sing songs/fingerplays/movements, reading picture books, enjoy puzzles (Learn colors, alphabet, numbers)
  • Later 30 minutes (Mothers' Study Time):
    Learn how to talk to babies in daily life based on themes (situations).
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