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KIS Events with families

Three Biggest Events of the school year
Music Festival
in June

The Music Festival is held in the concert hall at Totsuka Forum. The show has two parts; class performances (singing and dancing), and individual talent shows (for children who signed up). Examples of talent show performances include singing, playing the piano, or dancing on stage. This event is a great opportunity for the children to build self-confidence. At the end of the show, all children and their families come up on stage to dance together and have fun.

Sports Day in March

The Sports Day is an enjoyable event not only for the children but as well as their families. It is held at the gym of Totsuka Sports Center. The program consisits of running, hopping hoops, obstacle course, balance beams, basketball shooting, dancing, and exercising. 

Excursion in April

The children of the Regular Class go on an excursion in May. The excursion destinations vary every year. Children may go to the zoo or the play park. Kanazawa Zoo, Nogeyama Zoo, and Kodomo Shizen Park are examples of zoos and parks the excursions are held. The chidren can enjoy petting animals, playing on roller slides and jungle gyms, and playing games and doing activites as a group.

Potato Digging in October

The children of the Regular Class go on sweet potato digging in September. The chidren enjoy touching soils, digging sweet potatos to take home, and playing games and doing activites as a group.

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