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Head Teacher Kanagawa International School


Ms. Ai studied at Saint Maur International School from kindergarten through high school. She took Trinity Piano, mastering the highest level, Grade 8, proving high skills in music. After graduating St. Maur, Ms. Ai studied at the International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo for four years, earning her bachleor's degree. Ms. Ai has the English Teaching qualification that she earned at university, and also the Child Minder qualification, so she can take good care of toddlers and young children.



その間ピアノの国際機関トリニティーでthe highest level, Grade 8を取得しました。サンモールインターナショナルスクール卒業後国際基督教大学(ICU)に進学、中学・高校の英語の教師の免許を取得、学士号を得ました。大学卒業後 Child Minder qualificationを取得、現在神奈川インターナショナルスクールの教頭を務めつつ戸塚校のクラスを担当指導しています。

Kanagawa international School Head Teacher Ms. Ai

Head Teacher Kanagawa International School - Fujisawa


Ms. Liz was born and raised in Yorkshire in England. After graduating high school, she moved to Taunton in Somerset where she studied at Somerset College of Arts and Technology before moving on to The University of Plymouth to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Computing. After University, she returned to Taunon where she worked as a teacher at the college. She taught Computing to the undergraduates. She then moved to Japan to work as the Head teacher for a preschool in Chiba before moving to KIS in Totsuka. She worked as the teacher of KIS in Totsuka for a few years. She came back to work at KIS in Fujisawa since she has returned to Japan from England in 2014.



Fujisawa School Head Teacher Ms. Liz

Regular Class Teacher- Fujisawa

Saturday Class Teacher - Totsuka


Ms. Julia is highly educated and experienced teacher who holds a master degree for economics, and passed the Cambridge ESOL TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Module 1, and 2. She also passed the Japanese Lauguage Proficiency Test N2. She has experience in teaching English to children in Japan and Russia. She is a fun, enthusiastic, and dedicated teacher who loves caring for children.

Fujisawa School Regular and Saturday Class Teacher

Ms. Julia

Fujisawa School Sunday Class Teacher

Ms. Alejandra

Sunday Class Teacher- Fujisawa


Ms. Alejandra is certified in "Educational Processes Evaluation" with BFA. She has a variety of teaching experiences in different countries including  as music history and piano teacher, trainer and volunteer in the Philippines in areas such as family education and the development of an active role in social work, and English teacher in Japan. 

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