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神奈川県立柏陽高校卒業後、大学は英文科に進み中学・高校の英語教員一種免許を取得しています。また未就学児の指導に当たるため、 児童福祉法の保育士国家資格、幼稚園教諭一種免許を保持しています。Saint Maur International School ではクラスマム、ガールスカウトリーダー、日本ブース3年間コーディネーター代表を経験しています。また、各国にある International School と連絡を取り合ったり、日本国内の駐日大使や関係国連機関のトップ、日本国の大臣と懇談し、KISの為に精力的に活動をしています。

現在International School NetworkのChief Manager神奈川インターナショナルスクールの校長、仁科母親英語の代表を務めています。

Headmistress Orie Nishina
Orie Nishina acquired her qualifications as a high school and junior high school student during her university years as an English education major student. Upon graduation, she has received her National Nursery Teacher License and Kindergarten Teacher License. 

Ms. Orie has a wide range of relations with international schools and embassies nationwide. 
Firstly, as a class mother at St. Maur International School, she has led clubs like the Girl Scouts and coordinated events including the Japanese Booth at the annual Food Fair. 
Finally, as the Chief Manager of the student organization, International School Network, she has coordinated and attended meetings with over 100 Ambassadors, Directors of United Nations organizations, and Japanese Ministers. 


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